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Why Gift Giving is the Secret to Higher Sales

The World is Your Mirror

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the world is your mirror?’

Have you ever considered the logic behind it?

Looking at the world as though it were a reflection of yourself could just be the most powerful tool not only for self-discovery and empowerment, but also for sales.

The logic is this: if you want to be surrounded by a crowd of smiling, friendly people, then begin smiling and saying hello. Quickly, you will find that you are surrounded by smiling, friendly people.

If you want to receive love from someone, start by showing them love, and watch as it is returned to you in waves.

The same is true for sales.

If you want to receive more sales, start by giving something to someone else.

Corporate gifting can be extremely effective for creating an emotional connection between the recipient and the business – this is why many businesses choose to reward their clients, prospects and employees with a Christmas gift – and so should you.

Why Corporate Gifting Works

Corporate gifting works because behind the walls of every business are humans, and, unlike the walls within which they work, humans are emotional creatures.

When we receive a physical gift, we feel the endowment effect – a feeling of ownership of an item – which leads us to make an emotional connection between the sender and the gift. Our emotions towards the gift itself will determine our overall feelings towards the business that sent it. If the feelings are positive, we are more likely to respond and interact with that business in the future.

For Prospects:

Nurture new connections by distinguishing yourself from your competitors: The overwhelming majority of customers are more likely to interact with businesses who offer personalised services, so it’s important to send a gift that fulfils a personal need or has a personalised message. By sending the right gift at the right time, prospects are motivated to take a desired action such as signing up for a service, making a discovery call or completing a purchase.

Remember – first impressions matter.

For Customers:

Building an emotional connection to increase customer loyalty: Corporate gifting for clients works because it brings you top of mind. Clients give you a lot during the year so it’s important to make sure they feel valued .In the competitive market today, it’s easier than ever to move business elsewhere, but a customer who feels a business is listening to them and cares about them is much more likely to consider them first for their next job.

So, make it that little bit harder for them to leave by building a personalised relationship with your customers through gift giving.

For Employees:

Start at the heart: Employees are at the heart of every business, and, without the heart, no further life can exist. Rewarding employees with a gift that recognises both their personal and professional achievements will make them feel valued and appreciated. It will also inspire a sense of belonging and connection to your team, resulting in stronger loyalty to your business. If employees feel valued, their attitude towards work will consequently improve which will thereby improve how your business is perceived by prospects and customers.

Remember – The attitude of your employees is a direct reflection on your management, so, be sure to reward your employees and they will in turn reward you.

Many companies often argue that spending time and money sending gifts to their customers and employees is simply not worth it. These companies are simply wrong.

By developing a gift-giving philosophy, you will quickly find that the people your business interacts with are more friendly, more willing to talk to you and more willing to stick their hands in their pockets for you.

Give, and you shall receive is a powerful idea that will likely transform the performance of your business, allowing you to reap the rewards you truly deserve.

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Lucy Kirk

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