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Are you showcasing your business in 2024?

From vibrant banners to eye-catching counters, visual elements serve as powerful tools for conveying messages and building brand identity. We have an extensive range of display products of the highest quality, ask our team today.

Introducing the WaveLight® Backlit Display

Boasting an incredibly slim 50mm aluminium pipe profile (just two inches), the WaveLight® seamlessly houses a network of LED lights that enhances the brilliance of every graphic. Adding a touch of practicality, a zipper on the lower back of the block-out fabric facilitates easy access to the lights and running power cables, ensuring a professional display setup. Need help with your custom design? Ask us here…

Explore the WaveLight® Air Podium as your next option.

A double-sided inflatable display with vibrant LED lights that bring your brand to life. This eye-catching centrepiece effortlessly captures attention and serves as a focal point for showcasing your business identity. This takes the hassle out of setup, offering a swift transition from flat packed to fully inflated in under 30 seconds. Its quick and easy so you can make a bold statement with minimal effort, setting the stage for a memorable presentation. Elevate your branding game with the WaveLight® Air Podium – Ask for a quote here.

Breathe new light into your brand, exhibit, event or retail shop with the 200m WaveLight® Casonara SEG Light Counters.

This new SEG tension fabric light box is designed to make backlit graphics more portable. Our 360º illumination technology provides more visibility for your brand and more places to present your ideas.

Whatever your business needs, set yourself up for success and get in contact with the experienced team at Progress Printing for more product information on the complete range or to obtain a quote.

Whatever your needs, the friendly team at Progress Printing are always happy to help.

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