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How to set up a Wavelight Air Wall Display

It’s easier than you think!

The WaveLight® Air Backlit Wall is a double-sided inflatable display with bright LED’s that flood the fabric graphic creating an eye-catching focal point for branding your business. The best part about these displays is that they are so quick and easy to set up!


Open the travel bag and locate the two valves (located at the top of the Air Wall. (If you don’t see them, flip the display over)


Plug in the electric motor and attach the hose nozzle to the motor.


Open the valve cover and attach the hose to the valve.


Turn on the electric motor and continue filling the bladder until half full and then connect the other (2nd) valve and inflate the 2nd valve until half full.


Switch back to the first valve and continue inflating until full and then switch back to the 2nd valve and inflate it until full.

Once it is fully inflated, turn off the electric motor and disconnect hose from the valve and screw on the valve covers for both valves.


Attach the power cord into the bottom of the display and tilt the display into position.

Locate a power outlet and plug the power cord in.

It’s that simple!

Lucy Kirk

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