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How to select effective promotional products

Consider it one of the oldest tricks in the book but done well, incorporating promotional products into your marketing mix will place your brand into the everyday lives of your target market.

The key to this is utility.

Promotional products should feel like a gift from your brand to the customer, by making it something unique and useful.

And just like the art of gifting, recipients often feel compelled to give something in return.

But how do you select the right gift for your customer or client?

First, consider your target market and the most useful everyday objects that you could provide them with. By giving them an item they will be reaching for regularly, you are significantly boosting the number of impressions your brand makes on that person, and those around them. Additionally, the distribution of your promotional product will only be to people interested in your business.

When you hand them out at a trade show or as a complementary gift with an order, you are only giving your promotional products to interested parties.

Mini Bluetooth speakers are fast becoming one Progress Printings most popular promotional items for its popularity, portability and usefulness.

Think about where they will be using it. Has your promotional product bought you the most effective piece of advertising real estate such as on their office desk, in their handbag, on the golf course or even on the person themselves?

Umbrellas are wide reaching – and while they only come out when it rains they provide much needed shelter and protection when needed most. Talk about making a positive brand impact! 

The most effective products are those that add value to the customer’s life in some way. Consider things that you have received that you find useful otherwise it is possible your item will find its way to the junk draw and never come out again.

Drink bottles, reusable coffee cups and reusable shopping bags are among the most popular promotional products as they are useful and satisfy the need of sustainable living. Office stationary is effective too, as the recipient no longer needs to buy the item for themselves, and the perceived value of that gift will be greater than the actual cost of it.

It’s estimated around 1 billion coffee cups end up in landfill. A reusable cup is both useful and helps solve a growing global waste issue.

Remember, promotional products are about maintaining a brand presence when you’re not in the room. A recipient will remember the story behind receiving the gift, and will leave a lasting positive impression on that person. An effective productional product will ensure the next time a potential customer needs a service you provide, yours will be the first company that comes to mind, especially because your brand is already sitting directly in front of them.


Lucy Kirk

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