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Have you considered a self-build, custom branded display range for your business?

Progress Printing has a wide range of products to explore

Stand out from the crowd…

A highly effective strategy to communicate your businesses brand is with a self-build, custom branded display range. If this strategy appeals to you, then the self-build range offered by Progress Printing is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Compact Expo Counter: great for trade shows

To begin with, a versatile product within the range is the Compact Expo Counter. This counter is easy to transport and assemble using tools-free connector technology. The counter’s widest area is 1200 mm making it the ideal size to accommodate multiple laptops or screens. The custom branded graphics are laminated with anti-glare for longevity and features integrated magnetic tape for seamless roll-on application.

The Compact Expo Counter is a useful custom branded counter for Expos and Field Days.

Flat Media Fabric Walls: the perfect backdrop

For those who are also wanting to highlight their message with image and text, the flat media fabric wall is the perfect option. This is ideal for trade shows if you are launching a new product or if you are wanting to create the perfect backdrop for a professional photo opportunity.

TUFFA Products highlighting the new Tuffa Tags safety product.

These media fabric walls tick all the boxes with

  • a lightweight design and stand feet made from strong anodised aluminium to ensure the wall is stable
  • environmentally friendly reusable fabric that is washable so your display is always looking its best
  • a carry bag to make transport hassle free and storage neat and tidy
  • five different size options
  • custom design to complete the look and feel which will take your business to a new level of professionalism.

WaveLight Displays: make everything about the graphic look vibrant

If the media fabric wall is appealing but your business is really looking to enhance your customer experience, then the WaveLight Displays might be your solution!

Enhance the customer experience through images with the WaveLight Backlit Display

Special features include…

  • single-sided, wrinkle-resistant, dye-sublimation fabric print with Heise™ total block out fabric on back
  • zips around the frame and lights which provide tension for a smooth finish
  • a zipper on the lower back of the block out fabric provides easy access to the lights and running power cables
  • an array of perfectly positioned LED lights to achieve an ultra-bright, evenly-diffused backlit display –making everything on the graphic look more brilliant.

ISOframe Wave: the ultimate flexible exhibition wall

If you are seeking a more streamlined look for your organisation the ISOframe Wave is a great option. Unique to the market, this flexible exhibition wall allows graphics to be flexed up to 180 degrees in any direction. This feature really enhances the capacity of a business to communicate their story.

The ISO wave frame is a popular option for those not confined by space.

Luxus Pull Up banners: compact, lightweight and quick to assemble

For businesses looking for a more compact option, the Luxus Pull Up banners features a wide base design which ensures excellent stability and comes with a luxury carry bag making it easy to transport and offers great value for money.

Luxus Pull Up Banners are exceptional value for money.

CA700 Case and Counter: the perfect pop-up counter option

Package the Luxus Pull Up banner together with the CA700 Case and Counter for a complete look and feel. The CA700 Case and Counter is a strong, brandable case to counter system with vibrant graphics to create a smooth finish and the case provides a very handy internal storage option which is ideal for trade show attendees.

The CA700 Case and Counter is the perfect option for trade show attendees.

Whatever your business promotional needs, set yourself up for success and get in contact with the experienced team at Progress Printing for more product information on the complete range or to obtain a quote.

Whatever your needs, the friendly team at Progress Printing are always happy to help.

Phone: 1800 656 328


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