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stickers that last the extra mile

We are RUGGED.

Resilient, Robust, Durable and Resolute Decal Stickers that Last.

Rugged is our superb new range of heavy duty decal stickers proven to survive the toughest conditions, and with a mission to remain on the machine to which they are bonded.  With superior design and quality materials, Rugged Stickers are made to endure and thrive in any environment. They last, which means your message lasts.

So if you are looking for premium decal stickers that represent and showcase your brand whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance on your machinery, choose Rugged.

The Rugged Difference


Rugged Stickers are there for the long haul. Using new innovative technology we manufacture heavy-duty decals from certified materials that are proven to survive in the toughest of conditions. Rugged decal stickers are robust, durable and made to last.

Wide Choice

We have everything you need to meet your safety and compliance standards, from basic danger and warning decals to compliance plates and resin-coated stickers. So whatever decal stickers you require, Rugged has an option to suit.

Exceptional Service

We can design stickers in-house and are passionate about finding the right sticker for the job that highlights your products and brand. Orders are processed immediately and as sticker experts, we can even help train your team on the best solutions and equip them with proven techniques to ensure that every sticker lasts the extra mile.

Test of Time

Progress Printing have been supporting industries with printing, promotion, signage needs for over 40 years, so you can be assured of premium quality and outstanding service the goes the extra mile.